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Our Mission

Social Scaffolding intentionally works with not-for-profit and purpose-before-profit organisations seeking to shift the dial on a societal issue. Social Scaffolding within their business model, acknowledges that working with these organisations can sometimes involve unpaid / unfunded / pro bono efforts to help the organisation deliver on their mission. With our mission to help organisations grow their impact, we acknowledge that these efforts are aligned with our mission. 

Meet the Team

Andrew Hamilton


It is a privilege to be working with NFP’s to increase their capacity and impact, whilst supporting Corporates to create positive partnerships and long term societal change.

Angela Boyd

Principal Consultant

I am passionate about working with NFP’s and social enterprises to design innovative solutions that deliver meaningful and sustainable results

James Christie

Principal Consultant

We operate across sectors going through a major period of transition. I am passionate about helping organisations prepare and adapt to their new operating environment

Shari Lawrence

Principal Consultant

I enjoy working with NFPs and social enterprises helping to facilitate growth through offering business model, finance and project management solutions

Denise Gibbons_edited.jpg

Denise Gibbons

Principal Consultant

I specialise in not-for-profit and social enterprise management and am active in conducting leadership seminars and serving on panels and advisory committees.

Anna Hebron

Principal Consultant

I lead major change projects in government, complex and sensitive sectors; with extensive knowledge of policy, governance, HR and stakeholder management.

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