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Shared Value

We believe in the transformative power of Shared Value. At the forefront of innovation, ideation, and market feasibility assessments, we ensure that our clients uncover opportunities that drive both social impact and business growth. Our capability assessments guide organizations towards harnessing their strengths and evolving from traditional Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) models to the dynamic realm of Shared Value. We specialise in portfolio analysis and design, developing comprehensive strategies that align with your mission and all your stakeholders.

Our consultancy services are underpinned by robust decision-making frameworks and pilot programs, designed to validate and refine shared value initiatives. We establish clear impact investment criteria and facilitate partnerships among that yields meaningful and measurable results. By helping clients articulate their Theory of Change and conduct thorough impact assessments, we ensure that social impact is not only achieved but also rigorously measured and improved over time. With Social Scaffolding, you'll embark on a journey that redefines how you create value, transforming communities while driving sustainable business success.

Worked with RACQ Executive team to develop a framework to measure member and community value of the RACQ engagement. Enabling RACQ to have a consistent and best practice framework towards their CSR and Shared Value initiatives and get to the right balance across investment / return / community / member.

As a member of the Shared Value Project, Social Scaffolding have partnered with SVP to host events, training and consulting projects in Queensland.

We jointly hosted a Shared Value Seminar with Aurizon in Brisbane and then completed a Shared Value and SROI assessment of their Indigenous Pre-Employment Program.

Please follow this link to view their Annual Report

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