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Social Scaffolding works with many industries across Australia helping them to achieve positive change for all.

One of our specialities is conducting business diagnostics for the Disability and NDIS sector. We focus on the key aspects of your organisation and look at items such as the cost-to-serve, operating model design, and risk assessment. We also offer specialised sales, marketing and customer experience solutions. This may include customer and competitor insights, marketing planning, sales process design and experience strategy.


These customised services empower organisations to effectively meet the evolving needs of individuals living with a disability whilst allowing your business to thrive in a competitive landscape.

Social Scaffolding is committed to addressing critical areas for young people. We help not-for-profits and social enterprise tackle some of the most important needs for youth such as employment, housing and inclusion. We design comprehensive strategies that not only empower young individuals to secure meaningful employment and stable housing but also promote social inclusion.


It is important to us to emphasise outcomes measurement within the businesses we work with to ensure that our programs result in tangible, positive changes for youth, fostering their personal growth and success in society. Our holistic approach aims to create lasting impact and opportunities young people.

Engaging with community is an important part of our work at Social Scaffolding.
We champion the principles of collective impact, emphasising active engagement and strategic partnerships among not-for-profits, government bodies, and corporations.
By fostering collaboration and aligning efforts, we aim to create transformative solutions that benefit the entire community, driving positive social change and building stronger, more resilient neighborhoods.

We are committed to addressing Housing & Homelessness issues through positive partnerships. We work collaboratively with stakeholders to create effective solutions, ensuring that every initiative has a measurable impact assessment. We also help in securing funding and establishing pathways towards stable housing helps drive positive change for those facing homelessness, ultimately fostering a brighter future for our communities.

We work in collaboration with Government Departments is integral to our mission at Social Scaffolding. From the Department of Health to the Department of Youth Justice, Employment, Small Business, and Training, and the Housing Department, we work closely with these key entities to shape policies, strategies, and initiatives that drive social change. Through these partnerships, we contribute to the betterment of healthcare, youth justice, employment, and housing, ultimately creating a more inclusive and equitable society.

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