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Theory of Change + Impact Reporting

We adopt sector ready tools and methodologies for impact assessment, then modify to suit the needs and pace of our clients and their stakeholders​.

When creating business models, we follow an evidence-based and co-designed methodology to increase sustainable employment for people with different abilities. Social Scaffolding will focus our efforts and resources on four areas of specialisation, providing an innovative approach to delivering supports for both people with different abilities and businesses. These include: career profiling, career planning, industry networking and building disability confidence.

Once we know the ins and outs of your organisation, we can then help you to measure your impact and outcomes through your Theory of Change and Impact Reporting. There are usually four primary stakeholders that are interested in your impact measurement so we work with your organisation, your donors, beneficiaries and the sector.

This helps us to gather crucial information about your activities and the overall change brought about to peoples lives or the environment over a particular period of time.

theory of change and impact reporting by social scaffolding.jpg

The Good Box is an Australian charity and social enterprise dedicated to helping people experiencing homelessness receive vital resources with dignity. We helped The Good Box develop a Theory of Change to be able to focus on the outcomes and impact of their business activities. This now has become the staple of their measurement and impact reporting.

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