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New Business Models

At Social Scaffolding, our consultancy services encompass a holistic spectrum of activities and strategies aimed at driving meaningful and sustainable impact. From the initial stage of identifying opportunities and conducting thorough market scans, we work closely with our clients to navigate the intricate landscape of the sector. We engage in vital partner and customer discussions to assess prototypes, feasibility and gauge market-product fit. Our expertise extends to crafting robust business and financial models, designing target operating models, and orchestrating pilot programs.

We create strategies to secure the necessary resources for your vision so you can articulate the "why" behind your mission. Working together, we can shape your corporate structure and governance framework, help you launch and operate your programs, fostering impactful and enduring change.

We excel in due diligence and financial modelling, ensuring that every step of your journey is founded on sound analysis. Our team conducts rigorous investor market analysis and provides valuable insights into becoming investment-ready. We can help with capital raising strategies that are tailored to your unique mission and goals, whether this is payment by outcomes and traditional investment models. 

We believe in the transformative power of Shared Value. At the forefront of innovation, ideation, and market feasibility assessments, we ensure that our clients uncover opportunities that drive both social impact and business growth. Our capability assessments guide organizations towards harnessing their strengths and evolving from traditional Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) models to the dynamic realm of Shared Value. We specialise in portfolio analysis and design, developing comprehensive strategies that align with your mission and all your stakeholders.

Our consultancy services are underpinned by robust decision-making frameworks and pilot programs, designed to validate and refine shared value initiatives. We establish clear impact investment criteria and facilitate partnerships that yield meaningful and measurable results. By helping clients articulate their Theory of Change and conduct thorough impact assessments, we ensure that social impact is not only achieved but also rigorously measured and improved over time. With Social Scaffolding, you'll embark on a journey that redefines how you create value, transforming communities while driving sustainable business success.

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Dedicated to empowering social enterprises on their path to success, we foster a culture of innovation, ideation, and market feasibility assessments, ensuring that our clients discover groundbreaking opportunities that drive positive outcomes for our social enterprise community.


Whether we create capability assessments or design your comprehensive Business Model Canvases (BMCs), we help social enterprise to forge sustainable business strategies that seamlessly integrate social impact.

A successful social enterprise is not just about good intentions but also about effective execution. That's why we offer tailored Sales & Marketing strategies to ensure your product or service reaches the right audience.


We emphasise the importance of strong governance and reporting structures to maintain transparency and accountability including outcomes measurement and Social Return on Investment (SROI) analyses, to help you quantify and communicate the profound social impact your enterprise generates. 

Social Scaffolding is dedicated to promoting human rights through our work with public entities. We assist large organisations in understanding human rights principles, compliance responsibilities, and their integration into everyday practices. By aligning human rights with their overarching goals, we help these entities develop comprehensive plans to enhance service delivery while upholding the values of respect, dignity, and equality for all individuals.


Engaging with human rights offers significant benefits, including improved service design for marginalized communities, better decision-making, risk management, enhanced reputation, problem-solving frameworks, legal compliance, and staff empowerment. At Social Scaffolding, we are committed to fostering a world where human rights serve as a guiding compass in public services, creating a more just and equitable society.

We follow an evidence-based and co-designed methodology to increase sustainable employment for people with different abilities.  Social Scaffolding will focus our efforts and resources on four areas of specialisation, providing an innovative approach to delivering supports for both people with different abilities and businesses. 

These include: career profiling, career planning, industry networking and building disability confidence.

We have helped many organisations define their Theory of Change and implementing outcomes measurement systems. Our team conducts in-depth impact assessments and Social Return on Investment (SROI) analyses, ensuring that your efforts yield meaningful and measurable results. 

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