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Government Departments

Social Scaffolding operates as a strategic partner to government departments including the Department of Housing and Youth Justice, offering tailored consultancy services that bridge the gap between policy and impactful implementation. Our team collaborates closely with these departments to provide comprehensive solutions for complex societal challenges. We bring our expertise in areas such as social enterprise development, governance, funding strategies, and impact measurement to the table, aligning our efforts with the departments' objectives.

By leveraging our deep industry knowledge and network, we help government agencies navigate the evolving landscape of community development, housing, and youth justice. Together, we shape policies, design innovative programs, and foster collaboration to achieve tangible outcomes and drive positive change for communities, ensuring a more equitable and prosperous future.

To date, we've worked with the following Government Agencies:

  • Brisbane City Council

  • Logan City Council


  • Department of Youth Justice

  • Department of Communities

  • Department of Social Services

Information for people working in Government Departments:

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