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New Business Models

At Social Scaffolding, our consultancy services encompass a holistic spectrum of activities and strategies aimed at driving meaningful and sustainable impact. From the initial stage of identifying opportunities and conducting thorough market scans, we work closely with our clients to navigate the intricate landscape of the sector. We engage in vital partner and customer discussions to assess prototypes, feasibility and gauge market-product fit. Our expertise extends to crafting robust business and financial models, designing target operating models, and orchestrating pilot programs

We create strategies to secure the necessary resources for your vision so you can articulate the "why" behind your mission. Working together, we can shape your corporate structure and governance framework, help you launch and operate your programs, fostering impactful and enduring change.

Social Scaffolding positive partnerships for commercial business success.png

WMB contracted Social Scaffolding to prepare an application to the NAB Impact Investment Readiness Fund (IIRF).This project required analysis and business modelling of a government funded program to determine the viability of a financially sustainable social enterprise.The Social Canvas developed by Social Scaffolding as part of this application will be used to inform other opportunities for this program and business model.

We helped the charity True by conducting a detailed feasibility study for a new business model to support the launch of innovative independence and safety products. We then progressed the opportunity to the fund raising by developing a strategy comprising a number of alternative sources for investors (social investment, philanthropy, grants).

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