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Disability and NDIS

One of our specialities is conducting business diagnostics for the Disability and NDIS sector. We focus on the key aspects of your organisation and look at items such as the cost-to-serve, operating model design, and risk assessment. We also offer specialised sales, marketing and customer experience solutions. This includes customer and competitor insights, marketing planning, sales process design and experience strategy.


These customised services empower organisations to effectively meet the evolving needs of individuals living with a disability whilst allowing your business to thrive in a competitive landscape.

What role does the NDIS and we all have to play in assisting people with different abilities to achieve their employment goals and aspirations?

From its inception the NDIS has had a strong aim of boosting the economic participation of its participants. To date however, the NDIS has identified that only 22% of participants are in paid employment.

It is no secret that for people with disability, the levels of unemployment are excessively high in comparison to people without disability. But lets immediately change the narrative – to people with different abilities.

Only 53% of people with different abilities are employed, compared with 83% of people without a disability, and unemployment rates for people with different abilities are at 10%, more than twice the rate for people without disability at 4.6%[1].

These statistics alone highlight that significant action needs to be taken for people with different abilities to achieve both sustainable and meaningful employment.

“The QAMH ran our first NDIS summit, offering our members and the broader market, NDIS experts to provide accelerated but detailed learnings for NDIS readiness. Social Scaffolding provided comprehensive guidance on M&A as well as Sales and Marketing expertise – both were highly valued by the conference attendees. We consider Social Scaffolding experts in these areas and would recommend their services”.
Kris Trott, former CEO QAMH

“We have worked with Social Scaffolding on a number of projects – ranging from supporting our housing portfolio expansion, advising on our NDIS readiness and assisting with tender applications for complex proposals. The depth of expertise at Social Scaffolding means we can rely on their skills to compliment ours when required and provide expertise that we are unable to source inhouse”.

David O’Toole, CEO Kyabra

"Ability WA has a portfolio of businesses providing supported employment for people facing barriers to employment and we were looking to growing our social enterprise footprint. We engaged Social Scaffolding to help progress our intent.

Social Scaffolding worked with us to develop a decision making tool – to identify opportunities, analyse the strategic fit and then develop and monitor the opportunity until an outcome is achieved. We are now trialling this approach - not just in our employment pathways but across all of our business units when we are making strategic decisions on progressing opportunities."

Jacquie Thomson, CEO Ability WA

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