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National Disability Services (NDS) is Australia's peak industry body for non-government disability service organisations. Collectively they are the voice for over 1000 NDS members.

How we helped

Project brief​

  • Designing and delivering an NDIS Toolkit workshop to empower NDS clients to prepare their organisation for the NDIS transition​

  • Provide one-on-one consulting to support organisations address internal barriers to the transition​

  • Designing and delivering an NDIS Marketing workshop to inform NDS clients of how to attract and retain clients​


  • Developed workshop from available NDS Readiness Toolkit and incorporated learnings from trial sites and client base​

  • Developed a workbook for participants to commence their planning and priorities during the workshop

  • Provided support to participants post-workshop as required​ Engagement with support workers and management to consider the cultural shift required for organisations to undertake a Marketing culture

Value delivered

  • Over 1,000 people have attended the workshops across Australia, and more than 30 organisations have received one-on-one support​

  • Included the key findings from the workshops to inform attendees at the NDS Qld conference in June 2016, showcasing a consolidated Marketing Plan to 350 attendees​

  • The outcomes of the Marketing workshop is a draft Marketing Plan that empowers participants to commence implementing a marketing culture in their organisations

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