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Peak Bodies + Industry Associations

Social Scaffolding proudly collaborates with peak bodies and industry associations, such as the Queensland Social Enterprise Council (QSEC), COTA Queensland, Community Services Industry Alliance (CSIA), National Disability Services (NDS) and Queensland Mental Health Commission (QMAH).

Our positive partnership approach is rooted in a deep commitment to strengthening the capacity and impact of these organisations within their respective sectors. We provide tailored consultancy services, offering expertise in areas such as business development, governance, strategic planning, and impact measurement. Through these collaborations, we empower these peak bodies and associations to lead, innovate, and drive positive change in their industries, ultimately advancing the well-being and social progress of their communities and stakeholders.


"Council on the Ageing (Qld) is an influential advocacy organisation committed to advancing the rights, needs, interests, and futures of people as we age. Our small team gains strength and agility from the additional resources we call on from Social Scaffolding to increase our impact. Facilitation, strategy development, market research and tender writing have been services that Social Scaffolding have delivered. We view Social Scaffolding as a strategic partner with specialist expertise and high-quality team members who deliver above expectations. Social Scaffolding have shown a commitment to support our long-term strategies and they continue to be adaptable and responsive to our business needs."

Darren Young, CEO, COTA Qld

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