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The History of Social Scaffolding

Social Scaffolding commenced in 2015 when a gap in the service offerings available to the not for profit sector was identified. As organisations transition to more transaction-orientated, commercially focused entities (eg NDIS, Age Care reform, Inclusive Employment), there was a lack of project based consultants with a depth of commercial acumen available to the sector. To create partnerships across government, corporate and not for profits - as well as strategic development focusing on commercially orientated markets - requires a deep of knowledge of markets, transactions and financial sustainability.

Fast forward 8 years, and Social Scaffolding has delivered more than 100 projects, and collates the significant impact reported by clients. We continue to service this market of organisations seeking expertise in strategy development, marketing development, impact measurement – all with a strong lens of commercial experience. All of our team have a depth of experience resulting from having started their own social enterprise, consulted for or worked on the operating side of Big4 consulting firm projects, and having worked for large and small not for profit organisations. It is this depth of experience that sets us apart from other service providers. 

Having started in 2015 with the intention of making an impact - we recently recorded and reported on investment of profits back into the sector (in the form of our pro bono services and support), and are proud to have received the accreditation as a social enterprise and B Corp Certification.

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