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About Us

Social Scaffolding helps organisations increase their impact

The Problem

Not for profit, social enterprise and profit for purpose organisations are often challenged to do far more with fewer and fewer resources.

Our Solution:

To increase our clients impact with less funding, less resources and less time.


We understand that the societal challenges these organisations are addressing are complex. Social Scaffolding has deep experience working alongside organisations to increase their impact and shift the dial on these societal issues.

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Our Vision

Social Scaffolding envisions a world where every business is a platform for social change.

We aim to be the leading consulting partner for Not for profit, social enterprise and profit for purpose organisations, providing innovative solutions and strategies that create impactful social outcomes. 

It is important that we work towards our core values in every project that we tackle. Here's how we do just that:

Our  Core Values


The team of Social Scaffolding come from a place of compassion, a knowledge and experience of working alongside people and communities that benefit from a wholistic approach to addressing disadvantage and injustice. We bring this passion and compassion to all that we do as a team.


We believe in doing what we see as right, and delivering on what we say we will do. This honest approach to project engagements means our clients can expect above and beyond when it comes to outcomes and enabling their work to increase impact.


Because of the work we do, and our core focus on impact, we are highly connected to the communities and people we work with. We pride our work on long term and repeat business with our clients, and the flow on effects with people, families, community and other human service focused organisations.

What Makes Us Different?

Social Scaffolding is an agile, consulting firm that has found a unique position in the market that enables us to build trusted relationships with our clients. This positioning is based on four key differentiators that you will experience when you work with us.

1. Specialised not-for-profit consulting firm

We focus purely on working with clients within the not-for-profit and social enterprise sectors (including corporate and NFP partnerships) and have gained detailed knowledge and experience of the sector’s opportunities and challenges, especially in competitive markets (eg Aged Care, NDIS) where disruptive business models and new service delivery for both providers and customers are being realised.

3. Large consulting firm experience at realistic market rates

Our team members have either worked for the Big 4 advisory firms, or managed Big 4 project teams on the client side. They are trained and experienced in their operating practices and frameworks, however, our rates are more realistic and aligned to the not-for-profit sector.

2. Senior team operating in a hands-on capacity

Our team is comprised of experienced practitioners who work directly on solving client challenges. They are involved from the kick-off meeting, in all internal discussions and workshops, in the analysis and recommendation development, and on the final report writing and delivery. We treat our client challenges with utmost respect and do not hand-off the project leadership and responsibilities to junior team members.

4. Deep commercial experience

The not-for-profit sector has transitioned into transaction-focused markets (NDIS, Aged Care). Our team members have all worked in transaction markets – either in corporates or run their own businesses. We bring this wealth of experience to the not-for-profit sector to support transitioning to these commercial markets and enable success in business, processes, finance and strategy.

Our Mission

Social Scaffolding intentionally works with not-for-profit and purpose-before-profit organisations seeking to shift the dial on a societal issue. Social Scaffolding within their business model, acknowledges that working with these organisations can sometimes involve unpaid / unfunded / pro bono efforts to help the organisation deliver on their mission. With our mission to help organisations grow their impact, we acknowledge that these efforts are aligned with our mission. 

Meet the Team


Andrew Hamilton


It is a privilege to be working with NFP’s to increase their capacity and impact, whilst supporting Corporates to create positive partnerships and long term societal change.

Angela Boyd

Principal Consultant

I am passionate about working with NFP’s and social enterprises to design innovative solutions that deliver meaningful and sustainable results

James Christie

Principal Consultant

We operate across sectors going through a major period of transition. I am passionate about helping organisations prepare and adapt to their new operating environment

Shari Lawrence

Principal Consultant

I enjoy working with NFPs and social enterprises helping to facilitate growth through offering business model, finance and project management solutions

Denise Gibbons_edited.jpg

Denise Gibbons

Principal Consultant

I specialise in not-for-profit and social enterprise management and am active in conducting leadership seminars and serving on panels and advisory committees.

Anna Hebron

Principal Consultant

I lead major change projects in government, complex and sensitive sectors; with extensive knowledge of policy, governance, HR and stakeholder management.

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