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We are the Social Scaffolding that supports organisations to create social good

We help organisations, corporates and government to design, implement and measure programs and strategies which address the many social challenges facing our communities 


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Our Purpose

We are an identifier, enabler and facilitator delivering social impact and shared value to our community

We help Not-For-Profit companies be more commercial

We help Corporates create social change whilst generating profit

We help Government think about and deliver on their social agenda

We are the Social Scaffolding helping others to create social good

Social Scaffolding acknowledges the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the first inhabitants of the nation and the Traditional Custodians of the lands where we live, learn and work.

Our History

Social Scaffolding commenced in 2016 when a gap in the service offerings available to the not for profit sector was identified. As organisations transition to more transaction-orientated, commercially focused entities (eg NDIS, Age Care reform, Inclusive Employment), there was a lack of project based consultants with a depth of commercial acumen available to the sector. To create partnerships across government, corporate and not for profits - as well as strategic development focusing on commercially orientated markets - requires a deep of knowledge of markets, transactions and financial sustainability. Fast forward 8 years, and Social Scaffolding has delivered more than 100 projects, and collates the significant impact reported by clients. We continue to service this market of organisations seeking expertise in strategy development, marketing development, impact measurement – all with a strong lens of commercial experience.

All of our team have a depth of experience resulting from having started their own social enterprise, consulted for or worked on the operating side of Big4 consulting firm projects, and having worked for large and small not for profit organisations. It is this depth of experience that sets us apart from other service providers. Having started in 2016 with the intention of making an impact - we recently recorded and reported on investment of profits back into the sector (in the form of our pro bono services and support), and are proud to have received the accreditation as a social enterprise.


Services - by Specialisation

New Business Models

Social Impact Investment

Shared Value

Social Enterprise

Identify opportunities

Market scan

Partner / customer discussions

Prototype assessment


Feasibility assessments

Market / product fit

Business and financial modelling

Target operating models

Pilot programs


Capital raising

Articulating the why?

Funding strategy

Target list development

Build and launch

Corporate structure/governance

Operating model build-out

Launch and operate program

Due diligence

Financial modelling

Investor returns

Investor market analysis

Capital raising

Market analysis


Payment by outcomes

Social Benefit Bonds

Financial modelling

Investor engagement

Outcomes measurement

Theory of Change

Impact assessment




Market feasibility

Capability assessment


Evolution of CSR to Shared Value

Portfolio analysis and design

Decision-making Frameworks


Investment criteria


Partnering NFP, Government and Corporate

Theory of Change

Impact Assessment

Social Impact Measurement



Market feasibility

Capability assessment



Business Model Canvass (BMC)

Sales & Marketing strategy




Governance & reporting


Outcomes measurement

Impact assessment


Services - by Sector


Housing and Homelessness


Business Diagnostics

Cost to serve

Operating model design

Risk assessment

Sales, Marketing and Experience

Customer insights

Competitor insights

Marketing planning

Sales process design

Experience strategy

Training and coaching







Collective impact

Sector mapping

Government engagement

Shared value 

Impact Assessment

Housing First strategy




Government investment strategy applications

Social Impact Investors and patient capital



Advance to Zero (A2Z) campaign



Social Enterprise

NFP employment pathways

Corporate employment pathways



Government investment strategy applications

Social Impact Investors and patient capital





NDIS and Mental Health


Outcomes Measurement


Shared Value


Collective Impact

Stakeholder engagement

Partnership mapping

Backbone infrastructure




Solutions mapping

Stakeholder engagement

Funding opportunities


Partnering NFP’s, Government &  Corporates

Theory of Change

Shared value assessment

Social impact measurement

Who We Work With

NFP and NGOs

Profit for Purpose

Public and Private Companies

Examples of Our Work

Conducted a detailed feasibility study for a new business model to support the launch of innovative independence and safety products.

Progressed the opportunity to the fund raising by developing a strategy comprising a number of alternative sources for investors (social investment, philanthropy, grants).

Worked with RACQ Executive team to develop a framework to measure member and community value of the RACQ engagement. Enabling RACQ to have a consistent and best practice framework towards their CSR and Shared Value initiatives and get to the right balance across investment / return / community / member.

As a member of the Shared Value Project, Social Scaffolding have partnered with SVP to host events, training and consulting projects in Queensland.

Belinda Drew, CEO 

“Social Scaffolding have contributed to and led a number of strategic discussions and forums for our members and the broader sector. We appreciate and acknowledge the great work of Social Scaffolding and their contribution to the work of CSIA, “advancing the business and sustainability of community services”.

"It is a tricky business, this social enterprise gig. Great opportunities fraught with great challenges as this movement grows from obscurity into the mainstream. As a relatively young organisation, accessing the wisdom of experience to take advantage of the greatest opportunities, while avoiding unnecessary missteps is absolutely crucial. As Hello Sunday Morning underwent a major strategic transition in 2015, Social Scaffolding had the wisdom we needed to light a path towards greater success for our organisation. A path that we simply wouldn’t have been able to see without them. They have been enormously generous with their time, networks and ideas. Five stars."

Chris Raine - Founder & CEO

WMB contracted Social Scaffolding to prepare an application to the NAB Impact Investment Readiness Fund (IIRF).This project required analysis and business modelling of a government funded program to determine the viability of a financially sustainable social enterprise.The Social Canvas developed by Social Scaffolding as part of this application will be used to inform other opportunities for this program and business model.

Jointly hosted a Shared Value Seminar in Brisbane and then completed a Shared Value and SROI assessment of their Indigenous Pre-Employment Program.


David O’Toole, CEO Kyabra

“We have worked with Social Scaffolding on a number of projects – ranging from supporting our housing portfolio expansion, advising on our NDIS readiness and assisting with tender applications for complex proposals. The depth of expertise at Social Scaffolding means we can rely on their skills to compliment ours when required and provide expertise that we are unable to source inhouse”.

Troy McDowell, CEO

“The NDIS rollout will change the way we do business, and Social Scaffolding helped us prepare and transition our business in readiness. We have an in-depth understanding of the needs of the people we work with in supported employment under NDIS, and we are well positioned to grow our business thanks to the market analysis and business development strategies we worked with Social Scaffolding to design and implement”.

Kris Trott, former CEO 

“The QAMH ran our first NDIS summit, offering our members and the broader market, NDIS experts to provide accelerated but detailed learnings for NDIS readiness. Social Scaffolding provided comprehensive guidance on M&A as well as Sales and Marketing expertise – both were highly valued by the conference attendees. We consider Social Scaffolding experts in these areas and would recommend their services”.

Managed and facilitated a Consortium submission to the Qld Social Benefit Bond for Round 1 RFI and Round 2 EOI.

Provided pro bono support in the assessment and selection panel for the Brisbane TFN events

Facilitation, report writing and presentations with Micah and the 500Lives 500Homes consortium.


Who We Work With

Conducted a detailed feasibility study for a new business model to support the launch of innovative independence and safety products.

Progressed the opportunity to the fund raising by developing a strategy comprising a number of alternative sources for investors (social investment, philanthropy, grants).

Conducted a detailed feasibility study for a new business model to support the launch of innovative independence and safety products.

Progressed the opportunity to the fund raising by developing a strategy comprising a number of alternative sources for investors (social investment, philanthropy, grants).

Jennifer Bishop, CEO

As head of Social Scaffolding, Andrew  has been a valued collaborator for several years, providing excellent moderation at several Resonate events and conferences. He presented a very popular workshop at the Asia Pacific Pro Bono Conference in 2017, and then again at the Global Pro Bono Summit in Mumbai in 2018 on Creating Shared Value. Andrew has been integral to the development of Resonate Consulting workshops between corporate and not-for-profit clients. His no nonsense approach to work, generous networks and excellent communication make him a most valuable asset and colleague. 

Guided Second Shot through our Investing for Impact method to validate and formulate the business model, successfully attract funding to launch the social business and assist with the launch preparations. 

Received funding from the Impact Investment Readiness Fund, and developed a Business Plan, Operational Plan and Financial Plan for the future growth and development of this community solar investment fund.


Our Team

Social Scaffolding_Andrew Hamilton Social Scaffolding.jpg

Andrew Hamilton


It is a privilege to be working with NFP’s to increase their capacity and impact, whilst supporting Corporates to create positive partnerships and long term societal change.

Social Scaffolding_Shari_Lawrence.jpg

Shari Lawrence
Principal Consultant

I enjoy working with NFPs and social enterprises helping to facilitate growth through offering business model, finance and project management solutions. 

Social Scaffolding_Ange_Boyd.jpg

Angela Boyd

Principal Consultant

I am passionate about working with NFP’s and social enterprises to design innovative solutions that deliver meaningful and sustainable results. 

Social Scaffolding_Dave_Hamilton.jpg

Dave Hamilton


I am an Experienced General Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. 

Social Scaffolding_Louise_Metcalf-Taylor.jpg

Louise Metcalfe-Taylor

Project Manager

I am a training and development specialist, with extensive experience with not-for-profits, NDIS, employment and animal welfare sectors.

Social Scaffolding_James_Christie

James Christie

Principal Consultant

We operate across sectors going through a major period of transition.  I am passionate about helping organisations prepare and adapt to their new operating environment.

Social Scaffolding_Dr._Aastha_Malhotra.jpg

Dr. Aastha Malhotra

Advisory Consultant

I specialise in not-for-profit and social enterprise management and am active in conducting leadership seminars and serving on panels and advisory committees.

Social Scaffolding profile image_anna_hebron_2.jpg

Anna Hebron

Principal Consultant

I lead major change projects in government, complex and sensitive sectors; with extensive knowledge of policy, governance, HR and stakeholder management.


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