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Those facing uncertainty or who find themselves in vulnerable situations, undoubtedly feel isolated and struggle to find a way to maintain societal needs. Transport often presents the first barrier to connect with society, attend appointments and simply conduct normal everyday activities.

So, transport and social enterprise. How do you deliver the best service to the clients, have a viable operation, while maintaining the values of social enterprise?

On top of that, what are the policy and governance impact considerations, while also ensuring inclusivity, utilising emerging transport technology, all the while delivering in a regional center.

At a time of expected focus and priority in Australian communities for improved transport, we at Social Scaffolding are proud to have worked with TransitCare to develop this case study, that illustrates:

  • four times more efficiency,

  • a scalable plan for forecast growth,

  • less stress for front-line workers,

  • reduced carbon footprint and

  • creates more full-time and part-time jobs, reducing the reliance on volunteers.

You can download a copy of this case study and if you’d like to discuss the successes of this project and how the same principals might benefit you, call us today.


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