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Project updates: Q4, 2021.

Welcome to our fourth and final newsletter for 2021.

Despite another challenging year of COVID, and hopefully the last, at Social Scaffolding we have had our busiest end of year since commencing business nearly seven years ago.

We have been partnering with interstate consulting peers, contracted by leading industry peak bodies, delivering workshops nationally via video and even sharing our expertise with Korea!

As always, if any of these stories resonate with your organisation and strategy do get in touch. We would love to share our learnings and experience as these projects continue.

We wish all our clients, connections and friends all the best over the Christmas period, and enjoy the lowering of border restrictions to catch up with family, and welcoming in a safer 2022.


Andrew Hamilton



Readily available tools - Combined with experience

Shari and Andrew have been working with two social enterprise projects at completely different phases of their development:

  1. An early stage social enterprise working with young people and women at risk of experiencing homelessness, running a hospitality business.

  2. A social enterprise transitioning from an ADE that's been running for over 20 years, also in the hospitality business.

Both businesses have benefited from growth and development strategies using foundational tools such as the Theory of Change (ToC) methodology and the Business Model Canvas (BMC), morphed into the social business canvas. Using these methodology's as a foundation, but then overlaying with Shari's and Andrew's combined over 30 years experience in working with social enterprises, the outcome is detailed strategic business planning and implementing planning that is achievable. Knowing what is possible, how to implement and create the greatest impact are included in the implementation planning phase, as well as the team at Social Scaffolding being readily available post planning to support implementation as well. Often the growth opportunities for social enterprises are within their existing networks and the concept of social procurement simply needs to be amplified. We've developed clear marketing and networking implementation planning, to enable the social enterprises to capitalise on these opportunities. The hospitality industry is a very competitive field and one that is likely to rebound strongly in the new year. If your social enterprise is ready for strategy development or market planning for 2022, do get in contact.


Window of opportunity - Service providers seeking growth

We recently started an exciting project to support a large NDIS service provider identify growth opportunities within the sector, an identified priority activity in their strategic plan.

This project provides us with insights into the way larger organisations are thinking now as the economy and society is reopening after almost 20 months of restrictions, lockdowns and disrupted business. Social Scaffolding, are interpreting this as a sign of confidence in the sector and the willingness of participants to resume their lifestyles, and practice of choice and control. In all, this is a positive sign for the sector.

Our approach to this project commences with a review of internal and external opportunities, which will scope the basis of recommendations for growth over the short, medium and longer term horizons.

For the internal review, we’re assessing the organisation’s performance across it's different operating geographies to understand strengths and weaknesses, how each has performed in the adverse operating environment, and identifying leading practices that can be adopted across the organisation’s network.

The assessment includes undertaking a review of participant profiles and value, service offerings and revenue, frontline utilisation and revenue realisation, participant perceptions of the organisation and competitors, and where the margin can be improved across the board.

For the external review, we're assessing recent policy decisions, market segments and growth opportunities across the NDIS market, competitor developments and emerging trends. This includes identifying areas for new service development and potentially; mergers and acquisitions with other organisations that are offering complementary services.

Once we finalise the recommendations and talk them through with the client, our expectation is they will act quickly on these opportunities, as we believe the sector has a window of opportunity created by the reopening and they will want to lead by being early with their preferred moves.

We are also suspecting that other large service providers are thinking similarly, so it will be interesting to watch developments in the sector over the next 12 months to see how these opportunities unfold.


Are you a housing provider? Under utilised building or land? Considered social housing?

The EOI's for the Queensland Housing Investment Growth Initiative (QHIGI) are now open. The QLD State Government is seeking innovative housing development proposals from the NFP and private sector to increase the supply of social housing. Partnerships between organisations and the private sector are being encouraged to enhance the number and range of possibilities. The Government is investing $2.9 billion, including $1 billion to establish a Housing Investment Fund, to support better long-term housing outcomes for vulnerable Queenslanders. The plan is to deliver more than 7000 new social and affordable homes for Queenslanders over the next four years. EOI can be lodged in three different categories:

  • Quick Start Grants for community housing providers to accelerate the construction of 2765 social homes. This initiative is to support construction of social housing on land that is already owned by a NFP in partnership with a registered community housing provider or directly by a CHP. As the name suggests, the Government is interested in projects that can be delivered relatively quickly and definately within the next four years.

  • Housing Investment Fund is targeted at developers, institutional investors, registered community housing providers and eligible government entities to bring forward innovative proposals to add new social homes and additional affordable housing builds, refits or redevelopments across Queensland. The Housing Investment Fund is targeting 4 housing supply priorities to increase social housing and affordable housing:

  1. homelessness and rough sleeping

  2. diverse rental supply

  3. housing choices for seniors

  4. homes for large households.

  • Help to Home - Help to Home seeks to deliver additional housing outcomes for people eligible for social housing. Through Help to Home, properties will be sourced from the private market and sub-leased to registered community housing providers who will deliver specialist tenancy and property management services to our customers.

We encourage you to think strategically about your current portfolio of property and what opportunities the Queensland Housing Investment Growth Initiative (QHIGI) may provide. Social Scaffolding is well place to help your organisation work through options, respond to the EOI and enable the property outcomes to be delivered. Please call us to discuss. Further information can be found at: Queensland Housing Investment Growth Initiative.


EEO and Fresh futures market

On the 4 November 2021, the Equalising Employment Opportunities team in Social Scaffolding hosted a stall at the Brisbane Fresh Futures Market. This was a great opportunity for the team to meet and talk with a range of people, including young people with different abilities, who are looking to explore options that will assist transitioning into the world of work.

A big thank you to everyone for stopping by and having a chat with the team and for expressing your interest in the Equalising Employment Opportunity service we are providing. It is always fantastic to have an opportunity to talk with students, parents and teachers about discovering each person’s unique potential, their goals and aspirations. These are the foundations for working towards a sustainable and meaningful career.

We are excited about the opportunity to work with people who have different abilities to explore their gifts and talents and help them create a career pathway that will not only be enjoyable but also be aligned to their goals and aspirations.

For more information, please visit our website here.


Guest speaking

Andrew this month was asked to present at the Korean disability employment conference hosted by the Korea Association of the Vocational Rehabilitation Facilities for the Disabled. Korea is undergoing the potential for significant change in their employment pathways, and Australia has plenty to offer in terms of shared learnings.

Andrew presented on his experiences in supporting social enterprises create employment pathways for people with different abilities as well as the transition of supported employment providers transitioning to social enterprises.


Inclusive Employment Movement continues momentum

The Inclusive Employment Team (L-R): Nicole Moy and Andrew Kiel (Leap in!), Tracey McFarland (Goodstart Early Learning), Scott Horton (Troocoo), Andrew Hamilton (Social Scaffolding) (Absent: Steve Waters - Endeavour Foundation)

As mentioned in previous newsletters, we have been partnering with a number of influential organisations to shift the dial on employment opportunities and pathways for people with different abilities.

At our most recent workshop, we heard of strong pathways being created by organisations like The Orca Project and Project SEARCH, the journey of Brisbane City Council, and then some fascinating feedback from workshop attendees as to what they saw as barriers to their employment opportunities. Stay tuned for further workshops and shared learning in the new year.


🎁 Gift giving with a difference

And to finish off the year, when thinking of your Christmas spend, make it a positive one! QSEC have created a Good Giving Guide with some great advice.

And the New Internationalist always has a great calendar: The best place for eco-friendly, ethically sourced and fairtrade treats - The Ethical Shop.


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