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Project updates: Q1 2022

Welcome to our first newsletter for this year. As always, if any of these stories resonate with your organisation and strategy do get in touch. We would love to share our learnings and experience as these projects continue.

The start of 2022 has continued for Social Scaffolding at pace.

We commenced our largest project ever in February this year that will see us support the change management of a national employment programme across two federal government departments, hundreds of employers and thousands of employees. An exciting and challenging project for the team with James leading the project management capabilities of the Social Scaffolding team.

We've also continued to support organisations with our expertise across employment, impact assessment and strategy.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is an increasing mental health issue for many Australians and increasingly more so for our veterans and first responders. Andrew and Shari have been enabling a service provider specialising in PTSD recovery - measure and communicate their impact to a broader audience as they seek to grow their capabilities and service delivery.

Transport is one of the key challenges for the NDIS and the community sectors. Social Scaffolding have been working with one of Australia's largest and most influential community transport providers as they continue to grow their service delivery across more and more communities in need throughout Australia.

The Inclusive Employment Movement continues to gain momentum and we are excited about the prospect of attracting significant funding and support into this programme to extend the services across more employers and potential employees.

The start of this year we were re-engaged by one of our clients working in the youth and youth justice sectors. Shari had previously done strategy development and support to operationalise this strategy. Earlier this year Shari was back on site to support a governance review, implement recommendations and deliver high level training for new and existing board members.

Lastly, we have had the privilege of working alongside Sefa on some of their consulting projects, bringing our specialist knowledge of the NDIS market, to contribute to their strategic work. The NDIS continues to evolve as does the capabilities and direction of service providers. These projects have seen guidance across a breadth of services including support for rare diseases, support for early intervention on mental health and intellectual impairment of young people, and regional community service providers wanting to ensure they are servicing the needs of their community with the best available support. We are excited about the opportunities that are identified when advice and experience combine to create informed strategy.


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