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Project Updates January to March 2018


Social Scaffolding has already had a busy year, with new clients and new team members joining. Please find following a snapshot of our work so far this year. If any of these stories resonate with your strategies for this  year, and you would like to learn more about our services, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Tender Submission

Social Scaffolding was requested to assist a large NFP in the disability space in preparation for a significant tender that had the potential to change the direction and business structure of the organisation.  Part of this process involved Social Scaffolding undertaking significant financial analysis and the development of a current and new state financial model.  This involved reviewing and analysing existing financial statements and reports, investigations and discussions with staff around both existing and future operations.

The resulting model provided the organisation with the comfort to submit the tender document knowing that if they were successful the operation would be financially sustainable into the future.

Board Review Social Scaffolding was approached by a leading NFP in Brisbane to review their current board reporting templates and to recommend improved reporting practices including identification of appropriate financial ratios and KPIs that should be reported on. Part of the process Social Scaffolding undertook was to also review other NFPs of the same size and in the same sector to provide benchmarks.

Recommendations were also made to improve forecasting and budgeting and a new reporting format was developed so the Board can easily and quickly understand the financial position of the organisation not only in isolation but also in context of the sector.  This has provided the Directors with comfort that they are meeting governance obligations.

Board Support Social Scaffolding assisted the Board of a Foundation operating in rural and remote areas to develop a strategic plan and operational model for moving the Foundation from a small operation to a larger one.

One of the key challenges was ensuring that all members of the Board were united in the direction for the Foundation and that governance practices were enhanced.

Project Showcase -TRUE Build and Launch

True is the leading relationship and reproductive health service in Queensland and is looking to diversify its revenue streams in a drive for long-term sustainability. After completing a market assessment, which validated the opportunity for the Navigil S3 Safety and Independence device for the aged care, disability and lone worker segments,

Social Scaffolding has been engaged to support the build and launch of a new subsidiary organisation of True’s that will sell and support the device in Australia and New Zealand. Social Scaffolding  worked with True to define the operating model and supporting organisation and process design, establish systems to enable the operating model, develop trading arrangements and engage potential customers for pilot market trials. We are expecting the first sale to be completed over the coming months and for the organisation to begin establishing its reputation in the assistance technology market.

Enterprise Development

Social Scaffolding supported the development of a new social enterprise for a NFP from conception, through pilot stage to growth and delivery stage.

The project involved strategic planning; testing the robustness of the business and mission alignment; and market analysis for the product. Pilot stage involved product testing and financial modelling, adaptation of the business plan and model. Delivery stage involved development of the operational processes and systems alongside the sales of the product.

Due Diligence

Social Scaffolding conducted extensive commercial and financial due diligence for a social business seeking to raise capital. This involved assessing commerciality of the business through researching the market in which it operates, looking at competing products, potential demand and competiveness from a delivery and price perspective.

Social Scaffolding also produced a robust financial model based on inputs from the social entrepreneur testing and validating the assumptions.

Business Development

Social Scaffolding has been providing marketing and business development assistance to a Social Enterprise in Brisbane.  This social enterprise is a subsidiary of an established NFP, and because of operating in the for profit sector - specific advice and skills were required.  Throughout this process we have reviewed and segmented the market, determined a list of prospects and established a pipeline of potential sales. In addition, a number of prospective partners were also identified and approached.

This project has given the Social Enterprise (and its owner) confidence that the enterprise is financially viable and that the projections in the initial modelling were accurate and achievable.

Project Showcase -GCLA Strategy Preparation

Gladstone Community Linking Agency (GCLA) is the leading disability and aged care service provider in the Gladstone region and looking to consolidate its position in the marketplace, especially given the recent launch of NDIS in the region.

In preparation for its strategic planning cycle, GCLA engaged Social Scaffolding to help identify the priorities across the Board and management team. Social Scaffolding applied the UPP approach to decision-making  through a series of interviews, workshop and Q&A format to identify current and future priorities across the Governance, Planning & Performance, and People functions. The output also identified differences in approach between the Board and management, and a series of tactical recommendations to move the organisation closer to its current vision.

Upcoming Events

Please contact us for more information on the following: Shared Value Project Master Class, co-presenting with Phil Preston. Sydney 19th April Shared Value conversation, hosted by Bendigo Bank. Brisbane 26th April


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