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Project updates Q3 2023 + New website

As we rapidly approach year end, we thank our clients for the trust they have placed in our organisation to deliver on their projects and increase their impact.

Looking forward to continuing to serve our clients and community in 2024.


New website

The Social Scaffolding website has enjoyed a complete make-over and is now live.

The updates include more case studies, testimonials and greater detail on our products and services. Please take the time to explore:

Our team had the privilege of working with the yourtown digital media social enterprise appropriately named “unscripted” – this team of young people ran workshops, designed the layout and content, and delivered our new website that we are super impressed with – great work!


Artificial Workflow Partnership

“Using AI to Accelerate your Impact”

As the information about AI and its impacts on business continues to grab headlines – we are working with our clients to take stock on what AI means for their business and the benefits possible. 

Social Scaffolding are hosting face to face and online events in November and again in early 2024, for product demonstrations on “Using AI to Accelerate your Impact”. We have partnered with leading AI platform Artificial Workflow, who will lead the sessions. 

Businesses are using Artificial Workflow to analyse potential market demand, identify gaps in their service delivery, increasing utilisation of resources and even tender writing. We are excited to share with our clients the capabilities of this platform!

And further, Social Scaffolding have been successful in a DESBT grant to work with a select few organisations in their learning and take up of AI. This funding provides a unique opportunity for organisations to reduce the cost of their AI discovery journey. Organisations can register their interest at these events.

If you would like to learn more about these sessions, please get in touch.


Social Enterprise portfolio 

Review and business plan

James again had the privilege of working with the yourtown social enterprise team and the executives of yourtown in a project to develop their social enterprise business plan. The project worked through the methodology of reviewing Internal Capabilities and Performance, Market Assessment of Opportunities and Developing the Social Enterprises Business Plan - with a focus of identifying growth opportunities and increasing employment outcomes for young people. With the implementation of this new plan, yourtown is well positioned to continue to grow their social enterprises based on significant social procurement opportunities nationally and specifically in Queensland. 


“As one of Australia’s most successful social enterprises, yourtown benefits from external expertise to inform business planning and strategic positioning. We have engaged Social Scaffolding on a number of projects to guide our strategy. Their business knowledge, social enterprise market experience and ability to work alongside our social enterprise team and executives is highly valued”.

- Brendan Bourke, Head of Client Services, yourtown


Partnerships focused 

For the success of young people

Further to our engagement with young people, Anna and Ange worked with the Department of Youth Justice, Employment, Small Business and Training (DESBT) to design, develop and deliver a Partnerships Capability project. 

Partnering with government agencies, local employers, community support, families and young people has proven to be key contributing factors for the successful pathway for a young person in touch with the juvenile justice system. Our approach was to empower Youth Justice staff with the methodology and best tools to enable strong partnerships.

At the commencement of the project, awareness raising campaigns occurred consisting of online presentations, discussions at Community of Practice sessions, a survey and emails to all staff. Face to face and online co-design workshops were then conducted, to gather necessary insights, content and experiences from a diverse group of Youth Justice and external stakeholders. Individual meetings were also conducted with targeted external partners. Adopting the recommendations from the co-design workshops and partner consultation Social Scaffolding proceeded with the development of the Youth Justice Partnerships Strategy and Capability Framework, Training Course design and Implementation Plan. Training was delivered face to face, across 6 locations, consisting of 2 days with group exercises, discussions focused on location specific partners and role specific opportunities.


Government Investment

Communities impacted by disaster

Social Scaffolding partnered with the Community Services Industry Alliance (CSIA) to conduct a stakeholder consultation on financial resilience for individuals affected by disasters. This project culminated in detailed recommendations to government to support community recovery after natural disasters. In this project Social Scaffolding team member Denise Gibbons used the power of AI to provide high-level data analysis and identify trends in survey and interview responses. A powerful and accurate tool when used in a considered and methodical way.


Social Enterprise pathways to growth

Importance of clarity

Social Scaffolding have been a long term partner with Micah Projects, and Andrew had the opportunity to work again with the social enterprise team as they forged ahead with new premises and completed renovations. Minister Farmer was there to congratulate the team at their long awaited re-opening of Hope St Café: Hope St Cafe

Behind the scenes the busy team leading the cafes and recently opened commercial catering kitchen Catering — Hope St Cafe were keen to get clarity on roles and responsibilities. Social Scaffolding interviewed staff, designed and delivered workshops, drafted PD’s and then facilitated consensus among the team and leadership on roles, responsibilities and bench strength.  This process has set a clear path for growth as the demand of their hospitality products and services accelerates.


Social Enterprise mentoring

Social Scaffolding is a social enterprise certified by Social Traders. Social Traders works to connect social enterprises and social procurement, with the aim of creating a more inclusive and equitable Australia by making buying from social enterprise the norm. We were therefore thrilled to be a part of their recent Mirvac partnership with Social Traders, to help boost the capability of local social enterprises. 

Social Scaffolding held Sales and Marketing mentoring sessions with four of their programme participants - helping position their capabilities and capacity for future Mirvac and broader social procurement work. The social enterprises participating in the program includes:

Working with long term and successful social enterprises is always exciting - but many of these highly influential and impactful organisations go under the radar. Any efforts we can do to raise their profile and have them shouting from the rooftops is always rewarding.


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